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Pre - Market Analysis (29th April 2021)

US markets closed a bit lower Yesterday. Asian Markets are Positive. Right now US Futures are higher by more than a percent. SGX Nifty is above 15k now. Just before a week we were below 14200. Now we are at 15000. Bajaj twins were the star of the show yesterday. At one point of time these both were up more than 7% each. Massive short covering took place in these 2 counters yesterday. This is a dream rally of about 800 Points. To be true I too didn't expect that Markets would rally so quick so fast. This rally is majorly triggered by short covering. Due to Covid Cases increasing , beds and oxygen problem many people went short on the Market. I was also one of my them and I sold Call options. But as Market didn't respect my opinion I exited and started selling puts. Many traders are stubborn and don't book losses even when they know they are wrong. These traders are still short on Market and they will be taken to cleaners by looking at the way our Markets are rall

Pre - Market Analysis (28th April 2021)

US markets closed Flat Yesterday. Asian markets are slightly Positive after opening negative. SGX Nifty now up 20-30 points. Last 2 days we had a fantastic rally in the Markets. Nifty up 300 points and Bank Nifty by 1500 points. Bank Nifty after underperforming for all this time in April has started to outperform in the last week now. This has come on the back up of good results from banking companies. Axis Bank also declared results yesterday and the numbers look good. Today this might create another positive sentiment in Bank Nifty. Overall the results season started with a positive note hence the markets are higher. Markets are ignoring the Corona Virus news because the Market believes this would be tackled quickly and we will be back to normalcy. The price action suggests this. FII's have turned sellers for last 2 weeks now whereas DII's and retail continue to pump in the money. Sentiment looks bullish in the Markets now. Bajaj Finance also came up with decent r

Pre - Market Analysis (27th April 2021)

US markets closed a bit higher yesterday. Asian Markets are a bit lower. SGX Nifty is Trading near 14450 now. Yesterday due to ICICI Bank results Bank Nifty was up more than 700-800 Points. ICICI Bank has one of the highest weightage in Bank Nifty. Also there was a bit of short covering Yesterday in both the indices. U.S and Partner countries have agreed to help and provide assistance relating to Covid. This is a positive sign and will be taken in a good note by the Markets Tesla came out with good results Yesterday. Today Axis Bank will declare after Markets hours. The NPA Percentage and slippages will be iin focus. In the Short term 14200 is a good support and looks as we have made a short term bottom there. Yesterday the former Chairman of Maruti expired so Maruti was down. Maruti and Bajaj Finance are also set to declare results today. Markets will react and move based on results from here on. This is an Important results season. Corona Virus problems still continue. Po

Pre - Market Analysis (26th April 2021)

US markets closed higher on Friday. Asian markets are majorly positive. SGX Nifty is near 14400. Corona Virus are being recorded at all time high on daily basis. Experts say this may peak out till May End but this isn't certain. Japan has declared Covid Emergency in their Metro cities. Delhi has extended lockdown for another week. Many States like Karnataka etc resorting to another fresh lockdown. FIIs have sold for more than ₹1300 crores. FII's clearly have turned bearish on Indian Markets. This is the first Monday in last 4 Monday's where we are opening in positive zone. But will this sustain or not only time will say. ICICI Bank has come up with results over the weekend and the numbers look good. How will the stock react to the same needs to be seen today. This week we are set to get in many results Including Reliance etc.  Iternational help are some positives on Corona front as of now. For the whole of April we haven't gone anywhere on a close to close b

Pre - Market Analysis (22nd April 2021)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. Asian markets are mostly higher. SGX Nifty made a low of 14050 Yesterday. Now it's trading around 14180. Though SGX might look in Green it's still 100 Points below Tuesdays closing level. 14200 has acted as a good support area many times. Tuesday as well Markets fell drastically but couldn't break 14200. Today we might get an opening below that level. If we get an opening below 14200 and we start to sustain below it for some part of a time then next level would be 14000 as a support. 14200 is the 2 Months low on Nifty , breaking this level would mean extreme bearish ness in the short term. More and more Negative news has been coming in from the Corona front. Today cases are 3.15L , Net Covid positive patients everyday for India is 1.25L ( After Recoveries). The situation is going to worsen in coming days. Yes we have a Vaccine but our Country is so huge that it would take loads of time to get Vaccinated for all. Until that hap

Pre - Market Analysis (20th April 2021)

US markets were down for about a percent Yesterday. Asian markets are mixed. SGX Nifty is higher by 60 points. Global markets have went into profit booking Yesterday but right now U.S Futures are higher. Yesterday we witnessed a severe fall but we didn't broke the support area. Yesterday the low for Nifty was near 14200. Yesterday I mentioned that this is an Opportunity to sell puts and the premiums were really high Yesterday. By selling 13800 PE which is 400 Points away from Spot one could 4% return in just 3 working days. India VIX was up 10% Yesterday. Expecting it to go lower today. At one Point of time Bank Nifty was down 1500 Points but recovered almost 900 points from the lows. Corona Virus Situation is getting worse day by day. By sense is it will worsen it coming days. The top has not been made yet for Covid Cases. FII's have turned sellers Yesterday whereas DII's supported the Markets at lower levels. I would be bearish in short term only if we break 1

Pre - Market Analysis (19th April 2021)

US markets touched another record high on Friday. Asian markets are majority higher. SGX Nifty is down 200 points. With Very Positive Global cues we have negative local cues. Covid Cases are on the rise. There's no peak to be found near. India is struggling to manage and the mishap caused due to their negligance. The word Lockdown hasn't been used by Govt but almost all the restrictions are equal to Lockdown. Last 2 Monday's SGX Nifty fell 400 Points each. Today we have a gap down of around 200 Points. The Question is "how much will we fall today"? Bank Nifty Is very bearish and almost down 20-25% from its all time highs. HDFC Bank has come out with results but they seemed to be below par. All these factors would add up to more weakness in the Market. On Friday both FII's & DII's were net buyers. Puts were written Aggressively near 14500 and 14200. This might be a knee-jerk reaction and a panic sell. I dont see big fall might happen today.

Pre - Market Analysis (16th April 2021)

US markets closed at record high Yesterday. Another record high for U.S Markets. Asian markets are Underperforming. SGX Nifty is lower by 20-30 Points. 10 Year Bond Yield is higher by 10 basis Points. Yesterday was again a very Volatile expiry. Markets were all over the place with heavy Volatility. Wipro has come up with good results and it was higher in U.S Markets. Markets as of now are very confusing and are not giving a proper signal / trend. With Covid Cases being reported at record high and new lockdowns things seem uncertain for our Markets. Now isn't the time to be Bearish. I will become bearish only if Nifty breaks 14200. Until that happens I'm going to continue to be Bullish with a rangebound view. FII's have turned net buyers. Yesterday they have bought plus DII's are also covering shorts. Coming week we have results of banking companies. These results will decide the trend going ahead. Nifty might Trade between 14420 -14640 today. stockmarketadvi

Pre - Market Analysis (15th April 2021)

U.S Markets closed flat Yesterday. Asian Markets are also Flat. SGX Nifty at one Point was higher by 250 Points. Right now it's higher by 100 Points. TCS in spite of positing good results was down 5%. This is because these stocks have already rallied a lot. So now Profit booking takes place in these counters. Infosys came out with results Yesterday. But Infosys ADR is down by 6% in U.S Market. Meanwhile India continue to record highest Corona Virus cases. Maharashtra has anniunced a lockdown. SGX sometimes is a misleading Indicator as it tracks only the Global data. Local cues are being ignored in SGX Nifty and the real Position we get to know only after Market opening. If we open 100-150 points higher then I do not see risk reward favouring a buy. It is a good shorting Opportunity that can be done via this gap up. Expecting Markets to be Bearish / Neutral for this Expiry. Nifty might Trade between 14440 - 14680 today.

Pre - Market Analysis (13th April 2021)

US markets closed almost flat. It was a Consolidation day for U.S Markets Yesterday. S&P 500 was up but DOW and Nasdaq was down. Asian Markets are all Trading higher. SGX Nifty is now near 14400. Yesterday was one of the worst falls in the history of Stock Market. A 2000 Point Blood bath in Bank Nifty and 500 Point Blood bath in Nifty. Yesterday I mentioned that 14500 is a good support and if it breaks weakness will extend. Next support now is 14200 -14250 as this the previous Month low. If we break this level then 14000 will be witnessed. Markets didn't break 14250 Yesterday. Markets might again test that level in the first half and if it holds on we might rally in second half. If it breaks then Bloodbath will continue. Bank Nifty is the weakest index currently. For 2021 Bank Nifty has turned negative. This shows the extent of selling in Banking stocks. I will be Bullish for the Expiry only after Nifty crosses 14450 firmly. Until then I'd be bearish. TCS has de

Pre - Market Analysis (12th April 2021)

U.S Markets closed at all time high on Friday.  Asian markets are Underperforming the Globe. SGX Nifty today Morning is down by 200 points. There were rumours that the Maharashtra will go for 15 days of complete lock down. India has recorded more than 1.5Lakhs of positive cases Yesterday. Many States have started to announce restrictions. Market is contemplating a severe 15 days of complete lockdown where cases are too high. Right now , there's no such official announcement made. Still Markets are in a Panic selling mode. Whether this dip will be bought or not only time will say. We have only 3 working days left for this Expiry as Wednesday is a Holiday. 14500 which is the previous week is a strong support. Today we also have many IT Companies announcing their results. IT companies coming up with Positive results will itself boost the sentiment of our Markets. On one hand U.S Markets keep hitting fresh all time highs and the local cues keep getting worse day by day. Ind

Pre - Market Analysis (9th April 2021)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. Second Consecutive day of record high closing for U.S Markets. Asian markets are struggling to maintain momentum. We have very good Global cues but the local cues seem to be creating an issue for the Markets. Yesterday as well , Nifty was unable to cross it's resistance of 15k. From last 2 Months as & when Nifty tries to cross 15k , selling pressure emerges. SGX Nifty is trading at 14920 now. Bank Nifty is the underperformer. Bank Nifty underperformance is effecting Nifty as well. Yesterday too in last 30 mins, Bank Nifty fell 500 points. On a close to close basis we closed exactly where we closed the previous expiry. The Volatility in between this was very high. Yesterday India VIX again closed below 20. Now India VIX below 20 indicates very low premiums for options. As and when India VIX has closed below 20 , in coming few days again the Volatility has increased. After a tremendous Bull run we are consolidating. 14200 to 15500 i

Pre - Market Analysis (8th April 2021)

US markets ended flat Yesterday. Asian Markets are slightly positive. SGX Nifty is Trading close to 14950 now. U.S Feb minutes indicated that accomodative policy stance will continue. That has given an assurance to the Markets. Yesterday we had RBI monetary policy & it was as per Expectation. There were no change in Rates. Also RBI had come up with Interesting liquidity measure programs. Nobody expected this kind of liquidity measures like G Sec acquisition program, etc. Due to positive commentary by RBI the Bank Nifty made a 1000 point swing from intraday low. There was a big short covering Yesterday. Clearly RBI Policy was a trigger for short covering. I've sold 14700 , 14650 , 14600 PE Yesterday of weekly options. I am Confident on Global Markets. U.S Markets trading at all time highs so the breakout is likely to sustain with Positivity. Indian Markets also have some positive triggeres now. So selling Put options was the idea yesterday. Yesterday both FIIs and DI

Pre - Market Analysis (7th April 2021)

US markets closed mildly lower Yesterday. Asian Markets are mostly negative. SGX Nifty is flat. Yesterday we had a highly Volatile day but on a close to close basis markets closed flat. Bank Nifty is very weak. Yesterday Bank Nifty closed in Negative whereas Nifty closed Positive. Banks are dragging Nifty. This week Bank Nifty is down by 4% whereas Nifty down by 2%. This clearly shows Bank Nifty is weak. One can even Inititate a pair Trade. One can Buy Nifty and sell Bank Nifty until tomorrow's expiry. FII's were net sellers Yesterday. Whereas DII's were net buyers. Today we have RBI monetory Policy. Nothing major is expected from the policy and the major expectation is status quo. This Policy won't have any sort of long term implications but In Intraday Bank Nifty is likely to be Volatile due to the same. On a close to close basis I don't think the policy is going to effect much. RBI Governers comment would be the key to watch out for. Overall I expect

Pre - Market Analysis (6th April 2021)

US markets closed at all time high. U.S Markets have broken out from a ranging scenario. But Asian markets are Underperforming U.S Markets. Asian Markets are flat/Negative. Yesterday we witnessed an intense selling in the first hour. This selling magnified during the day. I would term it as a Panic selling. Due to highest number of cases , gradual lockdown rules in some states. Covid 2nd wave fears there was a big selling Yesterday. FII's were net sellers Yesterday. DII's also didn't come to support the Markets at lower levels. Bank Nifty was the Culprit. All Financial stocks were targeted and surprisingly even after such a big fall IT index was Positive. So the target was Financial stocks. I feel Yesterday was a knee-jerk reaction and a bit of Panic selling. I had warned Yesterday that Volatility may tap up. I have been observing from last 3 Months whenever SGX Nifty closes around 20 , the next week it jumps higher. Those who sold Put Options Yesterday will be

Pre - Market Analysis (5th April 2021)

U.S Markets closed higher. Dow Futures are higher now. U.S has declared strong Jobs data numbers. SGX Nifty is currently near 14980. Asian Markets have mixed cues. Many times Nifty has come towards 15k but unable to cross and sustain. This time we have positive Global Cues but Negative Local Cues. Covid Cases are at record high in India. Maharashtra is highly impacted state. Many Restrictions and lockdown on weekends have been imposed. This week is quite important as we have lot of results lined up. Many companies are set to declare results. This will decide the short term trend in our Markets. India VIX closed below 20 on Thursday. Option premiums are quite low. Last week for a fantastic week for option writers as premiums fell across board. Always remember after a very good week we are quite likely to have very volatile week. After very Volatile week we might have a ranging week. March end expiry was highly Volatile. April 1st week was ranging. Now things might turn up to

Pre - Market Analysis (1st April 2021)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. Asian Markets have also recovered their losses. Dow , S&P 500 and Nasdaq all closed higher. Right now U.S futures are also slightly higher. SGX Nifty is trading around 14850. SGX Indicating a significant gap up today. Yesterday we witnessed weakness ahead of expiry. Weakness was majorly due to HDFC twins. Both HDFC Ltd & HDFC Bank underperformed significantly. Due to these 2 stocks Nifty fell 100 points. HDFC Bank was facing Net Banking issues and previously they were warned by RBI that unless these issues won't be solved they won't be able to launch other products and provide other services. This triggered big sell off in these stocks. Yesterday FII's were net sellers but DII's were net buyers. Going ahead I feel that Market is going nowhere. After fantastic rally in Mid 2021 March was the first month where Markets fell all over the World. Now Markets are Consolidating. Remember , Consolidation always happens with