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Expect Fireworks in April (28th March 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher Yesterday. 2. There were lot of Fireworks yesterday in U.S Markets  3. Global markets have finally looked stable after a lot of time. 4. Yesterday Reliance also had come up with Results and they looked very good. 5. Right now U.S Futures are higher. 6. Asian markets are higher. 7. Just for today , markets may be a bit mixed. 8. Expecting fireworks in the Month of April. 9. Expiry days option selling and leveraged positions are active so the movements are restricted. 10. I had given a trade on whatsapp when Nifty was at 22k. 11. Expected a 1000 point rally with 300 point stoploss. 12. This view is working very well now. 13. Mid caps , smallcaps after a short bashing have also started to Join the party. 14. 22k is a strong support now. 15. Bank Nifty once closed above 47k could also give a one way clear move. 16. Just for today , 22200 CE gas good amount of Open interest currently. 17. So if 22200 is crossed we may expect short covering today itse

Consolidation!! (27th March 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow futures are mixed. 3. Gift Nifty is indicating a minor gap down opening. 4. Markets have taken support from 21700 levels. 5. Markets are not going above 22450. 6. This 21700 to 22450 is the larger range  7. Current range is from 21800 to 22200 on Nifty. 8. In between all this , Nifty will keep consolidating. 9. Yesterday the advance decline ratio was also negative. 10. Bank Nifty and Nifty both are stuck in a range. 11. I guess all this Is due to the expiry effect. 12. Once monthly expiry is out of the way , we can expect a big move.  13. Expecting this sharp move on the upside.  14. Markets on Wednesdays generally are more Volatile.  15. Bank Nifty expiry also has an effect on Nifty expiry. 16. Accentures poor guidance ain't helping IT Stocks and in turn Nifty.  17. Accenture's poor guidance has led to a temporary blip on the IT sector. 18. Expect IT sector to remain weak until results. 19. Nifty might trade

Elections : The next big thing (26th March 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow futures are flat. 3. Gift Nifty is indicating a flat opening 4. Markets have taken support from 21700 levels. 5. Last 2-3 trading days markets have recovered and also the broader markets have also started to participate.  6. This is a positive news for the Bulls. 7. I expect major upmove only after March. 8. March month markets are expected to be volatile and sideways. 9. We have only 3 working days remaining now for March expiry. 10. Premiums are quite attractive now for March expiry. 11. As always , in the last week of expiry the Gamma effect will play out. 12. There will be major big moves closer to expiry and markets would be sideways. 13. Expecting April month to be a much better month for markets. 14. March upto now has been a nothing month. 15. All eyes are now onto the elections verdict. 16. Markets are expecting BJP to win with a thumping majority. 17. If this happens bull run would continue. 18. If not , we

Fast paced Volatile Markets (15th March 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow Futures are lower. 3. Asian Markets are mixed right now. 4. Gift Nifty is indicating a flat opening. 5. Day before yesterday , there was a big fall in mid & Small cap stocks. 6. Mid & Small cap stocks , stress test of Mutual funds etc have been buzzing since last week. 7. The fall in mid & Small cap stocks was necessary to take the excesses out. 8. These stocks were rising like no tomorrow & Euphoria was reaching peak levels. 9. A decent correction has taken out the excesses & overvaluation. 10. Now I don't expect crash from here. 11. 21850 is a strong support for Nifty. 12. Had mentioned the same on whatsapp status yesterday.  13. Basically the range now for Markets is 21850 to 22450. 14. Markets are trading with huge Volatility within this range. 15. Also there are large intraday swings in between. 16. Either trade at extremes or stay out. 17. This is a fast paced swinging market. 18. Stoplo

Small Cap Index down 10% from ATH (13th March 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher Yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow Futures are higher 3. Asian markets are higher. 4. Gift Nifty is indicating a 50 point gap up opening. 5. Markets have been highly contradictory in March month. 6. If you look at index level there is not much significant movement. 7. On the Contrary , the broader market has been very very bad. 8. The Mid & Small cap & the SME sector has been witnessing deep cuts. 9. This is actually good for the markets in long run 10. Many stocks with no fundamentals had become 4-5x in a short span. 11. Correction was due & it was on the cards. 12. We might expect some temporary bounce in small cap index as it has already fallen 10% from peak. 13. Remember the stocks which have fallen 30-40% in this correction are the ones who don't have solid fundamentals. 14. They were up just because the tide was flowing their way. 15. Quality Mid & Small caps are down 10-15% but they would be the first to recover when everything turns n