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P&L Statement of our Lifetime Account Handling Member

The Statement posted below is of one of our Client MR. Lalit Manikyam Kumar. He is our Lifetime Account Handling Member whose Membership has commenced in Mid November. Only hedge Trading in Nifty was done in this Account as Naked Trading is too risky in such Volatile markets. Capital Deployed - ₹7,00,000 Profit earned        - ₹1,72,156 Returns -               - 25% (Net of Charges) Time Frame          - 2 Months Sharing the same only for Educational Purpose & also many Clients have requested to show some past performance in Public Domain. I thank Lalit Sir Personally for allowing us to share his P&L Statement. You can find the Attachment below :

Pre - Market Analysis (28th Jan 2021)

US markets closed 2% lower Yesterday. Asian Markets are all Negative. SGX Nifty is now Trading near 13870. Yesterday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell issued a statement saying "POWELL: WE ARE MONITORING THE ASSET BUBBLE VERY CAREFULLY" This arose a panic selling in U.S Markets. U.S VIX was up 63% Yesterday. This was never ever witnessed before in Normal times. U.S VIX now Trading above 30. Yesterday we broke critical support of 14k & today there should be a gap down Opening. This is a huge global sell off. We are leading this Global sell off. Both FIIs and DIIs were net sellers in the market for last 3 trading sessions. I was warning to be cautious as we had a vertical rally in Markets. When there are one way vertical rallies , the fall is also severe. FIIs are selling aggressively in F&O also. But still I feel this is a Bull Market Correction. These type of Correction are often witnessed in a Bull Market. Unless we get clear Macro signs of a reversal we are in

Pre - Market Analysis (27th Jan 2020)

U.S Markets were weaker on Friday. U.S Futures are also lower now. SGX Nifty is Trading near 14200. Nifty has broke his previous weeks low of 14250 and is significantly trading lower. This Indicates a negative bias in the short term. Markets are highly Volatile now. On Monday , Bank Nifty gave a swing of 500 Point 6 times. Such is the Volatility we are dealing with. There were also some Indo - China Border issues going on & maybe due to the same we witnessed sell off. Yesterday Farmers protest also turned Violent & that might create a panic today. Overall the sentiment is Bearish now. We needed this type of Correction because Markers were rallying in a straight line. These Corrections are a good sign in Bull Market and keep Bull Markers intact. The Most Important factor which will decide whether this Bull Market is to continue or not is the Union Budget. I remember in 2017 we had a massive Bull run with Nifty up 35% mid cap and small cap index were up by more than 8

Pre - Market Analysis (19th Jan 2021)

US markets were closed yesterday. Asian Markets are also Trading higher Currently. SGX Nifty as on Yesterday closing was near 14300. Now it's showing a 100 Point gap up closer to 14390. Our Markets from last few days have been highly Volatile. India VIX had gone up above 25. Option premiums are very high. Ex Fed Chair Janet Yellen, who is going to be the future Treasury Secretary, called for aggressive Stimulus. That statement has made U.S and European futures rise. Which also made SGX Nifty to rise. All Largecap companies have declared very good Results. Pandemic was a speed breaker in the business but Largecaps have come out quite well. Infosys , TCS & HDFC Bank have declared very good Results. Reliance Industries , another Largecap has announced that it's going to declare results this Friday. Expecting another Blockbuster set of numbers from Reliance. Bull Markets often witness such quick Corrections when nobody expects. Due to these reasons Bull Markets beco

Pre - Market Analysis (13rd Jan 2020)

US markets closed marginally higher Yesterday. Asian markets are Flat. SGX Nifty is higher above 12600. Yesterday Bank Nifty started its show. In 2nd half it rocketed 400 Points which helped Nifty going higher. FIIs bought for ₹ 570 crores Yesterday. DIIs have sold for Rs 1300 crores. FIIs are booking profits in some long positions in F&O also. Maybe all this is due to Budget as the Expectations are set quite high from the same. Earlier FIIs long in Index Futures was above 80% and it is now about 76%. Markets might not go much higher from here but also there is limited downside risk. So expecting some Consolidation ahead. Banks and Reliance have out performed yesterday. Reliance finally looked in some Momentum Yesterday. Whether we witness continued rally here or not time will say. Today Market might be Volatile. Usually Wednesdays get Volatile in second half. Due to expiry related Unwinding , fresh Positions etc. Infosys and Wipro results are being decalres today. This

Pre - Market Analysis (12th January 2020)

U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. But U.S futures are mildly positive now. Asian Markets are currently lower. SGX Nifty is trading near 14480. IT Stocks were the Outperformed Yesterday. IT index was up 3%  Infosys and Wipro up 5% each. Every dip is a buying Opportunity. You are almost witnessing a dip everyday on Intraday Basis. That dip is getting bought into towards the end of the day. Reliance has spent almost 2 Months is Isolation (Consolidation) now. It started the Bull Market but now it's gone into Consolidation. Reliance Consolidation can last longer than expected. Between 2006 to 2016 Reliance has given Zero returns. From 2016 to now it's 7-8X excluding Dividend. This is the nature of Stock Market. On an Intraday basis wait for dip near Yesterday low Around 14400 could be a good place to accumulate longs if you get a dip. Slowly start Building positions and do not go all in at first. Nifty might Trade between 14380-14560 today.

Pre - Market Analysis (11th Jan 2020)

U.S Markets were more than a percent higher on Friday  Asian Markets are lower now. Dow Futures are 0.5% lower now. SGX Nifty closed around 14500 on Friday night. But right now, it is trading around 14440. Mutant Corona Virus of UK has been causing a lot of issues to European Countries. London now has also imposed Emergency. TCS has already declared very good results. They have also come out with a Growth projection of double digits during next Financial year. IT stocks are the star of the pack now. Expectations are very high after TCS results. Corporate results season for this Quarter will decide the trend from here. Next Important factor after Corporate results will be the Union Budget. Today also RBI is likely to come out with its Interest Rates. Expect a Sta tus Quo policy or a lowering of interest rate. If anything apart from this then Market might react Negatively. This is also an Important event to watch on. Nifty was up 200 Points on Friday but Bank Nifty was hardly

Pre - Market Analysis (7th Jan 2020)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. Asian Markets are all Trading higher. SGX Nifty is Trading near 14270 now. Yesterday we Witnessed a severe correction Intraday. As I always say bears last only for a day in Bull Market. U.S Markets have closed at record highs. Today , we might also open near record highs as per SGX. When our markets closed Yesterday , Dow Futures was up 50 points but Dow went up more than 600 points. Facebook & Twitter suspended Trump's account on a Temporary basis. But Asian markets are ignoring this bad incident and moving higher significantly. Bull Markets climb the wall of worry. Yesterday the Correction was due to Bank Nifty. It fell 400 Points in half an hour. Recovered most of it's losses by the end of the day. I have sold 14050 PE & 14300 CE Yesterday at around 2 pm. Holding on it till now. 14050 PE will give good profit in opening. Need to do some Adjustments if Market keeps going higher. 14250 & 14300 were written aggressivel

Pre - Market Analysis (6th Jan 2020)

US markets closed higher yesterday.  Asian markets are all over the place. SGX Nifty is trading near 14200. Last couple of days , Markets have been witnessing steep Correction in first half. Inviting short sellers and then trapping all bears. Closing higher every single day. Currently , Elections are going on in Georgia. For two Senate seats, counting is in action. Democrates are ahead in this race That may take some time. On Friday, they will open postal ballots. Boris Johnson cancelled his trip to India amid new Corona virus cases. Yesterday the star of the show was Axis Bank. It went up 6% and carried Bank Nifty with it. President Trump is yet to concede the defeat, even after more than 2 months of US Elections. Coming back to our markets, day before yesterday, all sectors did well, except Banks. Yesterday Banks out performed. Bank Nifty recovered 800 points from intraday low to high. Reliance, as usual, under performed and is in Consolidation phase. Bajaj Twins are unde

Pre - Market Analysis (5th Jan 2020)

US markets closed lower yesterday. Asian markets are also lower. SGX Nifty is down by more than 100 points. New Corona Virus and Senate Election for two seats are the reasons for huge profit booking. These issues leading to a big fall. Yesterday the Markets were quite Volatile. From a big gap up it got immediately sold into but also recovered by EOD. Markets all over the world are trading near all time high. So any negative news, markets can fall 5 to 10%. Time to be cautious now. Here in India, IT stocks did very well. Most IT stocks hit fresh all time high. Metal index was up 5% yesterday. Though Nifty fell 200 points intraday, entire loss was recovered to close at higest point of the day. Usually that is a bullish sign. But since US markets fell, SGX Nifty indicating about 100 points gap down. Bank Nifty future closed more than 150 points premium to spot price. This Indicates Bullish signs. Midcaps and small caps out performed. Banking is the only sector that closed flat