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What next Post all time high? (20th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets were shut yesterday. 2. Gift Nifty is indicating a very flat opening 3. Right now,  Dow Futures are slightly higher. 4. Yesterday we have hit a fresh all time high on Nifty. 5. Exactly as mentioned in yesterday's blog , Nifty took support at 22k and rallied 200 points from there. 6. As soon as Nifty scaled all time high , there was a quick short covering rally. 7. Last 30 minutes there was a sell off in the indices. 8. Nifty witnessed major profit booking from the levels of 22200. 9. Now the range for Nifty has been shifted to 22k & 22500. 10. Bank Nifty took support at 46200 and rallied from there. 11. Now 22k & 46200 becomes a very strong support. 12. If there's a dip closer to above levels then it's a buying opportunity.  13. Both Nifty & Bank Nifty are quite strong. 14. Also there is a high momentum in both these indices. 15. Large cap stocks have more Steam left now. 16. Large cap stocks when they start rallying will take markets

Fresh all time high today?? (19th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower on Friday. 2. All the indices closed lower. 3. Not majorly lower , just some minor sort of profit booking. 4. Gift Nifty is indicating a very flat opening 5. Right now,  Dow Futures are majorly flat. 6. We are close to all time highs on Nifty. 7. Bank Nifty is 5% plus away all time highs. 8. We have already reversed 2 times from 22125 which is the Nifty all time high level. 9. We have immediate support at 22k now. 10. Once we cross all time high we can expect huge rally  11. The probability of markets crossing all time high is higher than the possibility of a reversal currently. 12. I had mentioned that from now Nifty will outperform than mid & Small cap index. 13. We might see consolidation for some time over above indices. 14. HDFC bank & Reliance , the 2 heavyweights of Nifty look Bullish. 15. Hdfc bank has made a double bottom at 1370 thereabouts and Reliance has given a large breakout from its 2 year range. 16. When large caps are Bu

U.S Markets back at all time highs !! (16th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher yesterday  2. All the indices closed higher. 3. Right now dow futures are slightly higher. 4. Asian markets are higher. 5. Gift Nifty is indicating a gap up of 70+ Points. 6. U.S VIX crashed 3% Yesterday. 7. U.S Markets are now back to all time highs. 8. They have recovered all of their losses made on Fed rate hike decision 9. Now they are again back to rock. 10. Indian Markets are close to their all time highs too. 11. Nifty is back to all time highs. 12. Bank Nifty is a bit away from ATH. 13. But right now we have to be a bit careful. 14. Both the Indices are trading at the higher end of the range. 15. 22k and 22150 are major resistance levels. 16. Once these get crossed we would be heading higher. 17. Until then it's better to stay away. 18. It's always better to enter into the trade when there is a clear indication that to enter in uncertainty. 19. It's OK if you miss out of 100-150 points move. 20. If you lose you will lose huge

Bull Markets bottom out on bad news? (15th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher yesterday  2. All the indices closed higher. 3. Right now dow futures are slightly higher. 4. Asian markets are higher. 5. Gift Nifty is indicating a gap up of 80+ Points. 6. U.S VIX crashed 10% Yesterday. 7. The panic and sudden fall has been controlled  8. Now markets have come to mean and sanity has prevailed. 9. Indian Markets are close to upper end of the range. 10. Today we are likely to open near 21930 thereabouts. 11. We have multiple resistance of nifty at 22k and 22150 . 12. This is a reversing and not a trending market. 13. We have got 360 points reversal yesterday on Nifty. 14. Bank Nifty is also at higher end ie, 46200. 15. Bank Nifty crossing 46200 would open door to 46500 & 47k. 16. India Inflation numbers were quite better compared to U.S 17. So a big fall here was unwarranted. 18. Next the burning question of the day is what to do with paytm. 19. Sadly , my whatsapp DM is flooded with this text. 20. If you are not an investo

Red Hot Inflation data makes Market Red (14th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets crashed yesterday.  2. All the indices closed lower by more than a percent. 3. Dow at one point of time was down 700+ Points. 4. Last 30 minutes short covering rally made the picture look a bit better. 5. Asian markets are all lower. 6. Inflation data was expected at 2.9% but it had come at 3.1% 7. Inflation data higher than expected delays Fed rate cut. 8. Hence there was a Red paint all over markets. 9. U.S Markets have rallied expecting positive outcome. 10. Since there was a bad number the optimism is setlling. 11. Next,  I would like to bring to table that Mid & Small cap stocks are looking very vulnerable for a correction. 12. Actually we had a 7-8% correction from the top on mid & Small caps so markets are already a bit lighter. 13. This correction was highly anticipated because the markets were getting heated up. 14. Markets rallying in a straight line is also dangerous. 15. Markets going 2 steps up and 1 step down is the ideal Bull Market sce

Perfectly Reversing Market !! (12th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher on Friday. 2. U.S Markets are trading at record highs daily. 3. S&P 500 has crossed 5k for the first time in history. 4. Indian Markets are in a consolidation phase. 5. We are in a rangebound phase. 6. Bank Nifty as mentioned earlier took support at 45k. 7. Nifty is at the midpoint of its range. 8. Nifty current range is 21700 to 22150. 9. It's been hovering within this range with heavy Volatility.  10. IT Index has been holding up Nifty but on the other side Banks are dragging nifty. 11. This has been the situation after HDFC bank results. 12. PSU Banks have been outperforming and private banks have been dragging Bank Nifty.  13. I sense that this has happened first time in the history of stock markets. 14. Banks from a valuation front look very attractive for long term. 15. Railway stocks are in a Euphoria phase truly looking at valuations. 16. You can lose 30-40% easily on the urge to make 10% there. 17. In bull markets sector rotatio

U.S Markets firing 🔥 (8th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher Yesterday. 2. U.S Markets are trading at their all time high on daily basis. 3. S&P 500 is now at 5k. 4. This has been a stellar show across the globe. 5. We have an Election Year in the U.S as well. 6. As you might not be aware more than 45% U.S citizens invest in stock market. 7. So for the Government to have a good impression and to gain vote Bank stock market have to be kept higher. 8. Government and FED will do what all they can to keep pro markets  9. Bank Nifty showed signs of comeback yesterday but the rally failed again. 10. Largecap stocks continue to underperform whereas Mid & Small caps continue to soar new highs. 11. Once a trend develops in the markets it can go on for a long time than expected. 12. Interestingly , I was doing some number crunching yesterday and found that small & mid cap companies have given better than expected results than large caps. 13. Most of the large caps have disappointed. 14. Star of the pack

Bank Nifty to support Nifty?? (7th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed mixed. 2. U.S Markets are trading at their all time highs. 3. S&P 500 is now close to 5k. 4. Dow Jones is trading at record highs. 5. We are also close to all time highs. 6. Nifty is just a couple of 100 points away from 22126. 7. This is the level from where markets have reversed a couple of times. 8. Today we might again test this level. 9. Nifty is moving within a band of 500 points. 10. The range is 21700 to 22200. 11. Within this range it's trading with some Volatility.  12. Yesterday the U.S VIX was down 4%. 13. Expecting India VIX to reduce as well  14. The major issue because of which we are unable to cross all time highs is Bank Nifty. 15. Bank Nifty has been hugely underperforming since HDFC Bank results. 16. IT & other sectors are holding up Nifty but without Bank Nifty support,  Nifty cannot sustain its all time highs. 17. I expected SBI results to change the game for Bank Nifty.  18. But SBI also came up with subpar

Final hour Selling !! (6th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. 2. Dow Jones at one point of time was down 500 points. 3. There was some recovery during the day and it closed 200 points lower. 4. Asian markets are under pressure. 5. Gift Nifty indicates very flat opening.  6. Yesterday was a very sideways day in first half. 7. Nifty was trading within 100 point range of 21850 to 21950. 8. Both Nifty and Bank Nifty were trading with heavy Volatility within this band. 9. In the last 30 minutes , Nifty broke 21850 and then it went on to fall further. 10. Paytm stock nosedive another 10% Yesterday. 11. Paytm stock has halved in just 3 trading sessions. 12. There will be many stocks which will go through lower circuits & you won't get an exit. 13. Stocks that come to my mind are railway stocks. 14. Railway stocks have become largely overvalued and are going up on Euphoria.  15. Time to book out of them. 16. They may go up another 10-15% and then start to correct. 17. But for that 10-15% are you

Double top at all time high?? (5th Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher yesterday. 2. U.S Markets have hit a fresh all time high on Friday. 3. S&P 500 is now close to 5k. 4. Dow Jones is trading at all time high. 5. Nasdaq all time high is 10% away. 6. Such is the Bullishness of markets. 7.Friday was a volatile trading day. 8. Nifty was up almost 500 points at a point of time. 9. Then profit booking set in and Nifty fell 300 points from day high. 10. Now the important level is 21750. 11. Bank Nifty has again started to underperform. 12. Nifty IT index is holding up the Nifty and Bank Nifty is dragging the Nifty. 13. Bank Nifty was up 700 points at a point of time on Friday. 14. During the EOD it closed negative. 15. SBI had come up with results over the weekend. 16. Profit has declined but asset Quality has improved significantly.  17. Stock has ran up before results so we can expect some profit booking. 18. Too many queries on paytm stock , I'd just say don't catch falling knives  19. Nifty might trade

Big Events done & dusted (2nd Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed higher yesterday. 2. U.S Markets have recovered all its losses made due to Fed Commentary.  3. Right now , Dow Futures are flat. 4. Gift Nifty is up 150+ Points. 5. Asian markets are mostly higher. 6. The Interim Budget has been done & dusted yesterday  7. As I had mentioned in my previous day blogs , that this budget is just a formality and exactly same happened. 8. There were no major announcements in the Budget. 9. There was huge noise from Media people which makes an impression that there was loads in budget. 10. It's their job to say something 24*7 so that they keep doing. 11. In reality it was a minimalistic budget which has nothing major in it. 12. It's just a vote on account. 13. The only thing positive is there is nothing negative. 14. It will help in increasing growth and not vice versa. 15. Expect the bullishness to continue from here on as well. 16. Fed policy & budget are the 2 major events that have been done & dusted.

U.S Fed Spooks Markets !! (1st Feb 2024)

1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow Futures are higher. 3. Gift Nifty is up 50-60 points. 4. Asian markets are mostly lower. 5. Today is the D - day we all have been waiting for. 6. Before the big day , U.S Fed has taken all the limelight. 7. FED yesterday in its decision informed that they are delaying rate hikes for now in order to get more confidence on controlled inflation. 8. Markets were expecting a near term rate cut. 9. FED Hawkish comments caused a sudden sell off in markets  10. My expectations for the budget is its going to be a non - event. 11. All the reasons why is it going to be a non - event which I feel has been discussed in blog yesterday. 12. Budget might have intraday Volatility but won't effect long term view. 13. Yesterday was one of the fierce rally in mid & Small cap stocks. 14. Mid & Small Cap index were up 2% on an average. 15. Right now markets are going up 2 steps and then going down 1 step. 16. If markets fall f