Correction Phase !! (16th Apr 2024)

1. U.S Markets crashed Yesterday. 2. Right now , Dow Futures are lower. 3. Asian markets are lower. 4. Gift Nifty is indicating a gap down of 200 points. 5. U.S VIX jumped 10% Yesterday.  6. This is  due to Israel - Iran Conflicts. 7. Over the weekend , there were news of possible war happening between both the countries. 8. Although there is not much happening on the wat front,  markets are factoring in the uncertainty.  9. Markets at all time high needed a reason to correct and this came in 10. We will be opening near 22k on Nifty today. 11. Which is  a strong support zone. 12. I feel markets are factoring in all the negatives of a further escalation. 13. 22k should be a good support and we should be able to hold it. 14. If 22k is taken out then it would be again a correction on the way. 15. Sentiment has been dampened by the war news  16. Banks underperformed majorly yesterday.  17. Use this dip as an opportunity to buy good companies  18. Don't wait on the sidelines for more co