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Pre - Market Analysis (31st Dec 2020)

US Markets closed Higher Yesterday. Right now , U.S Futures are flat. SGX Nifty is Trading near near 13960. Asian markets are Mixed. Today is the last day for December series. 2020 has been a very Volatile Year. First we had big fall and then Fantastic recovery. 14k is a big Resistance & as of now we are defending this level. If 14k is crossed and sustained we will witness 14100 is no time. 13800 is a good support to work for today. So my Expiry range is 13800-14k. With a condition of BREAKOUT at 14k. Reliance has been consolidating is 100 Point range since last Month. For Markets to make higher highs from here Reliance has to perform. Union Budget would be a very Important event for Markets now. Projections , growth , deficit , Inflation etc would be some big numbers. I've sold 13800 PE & 14100 CE. Would be sitting in 50% gains today Morning. Would adjust my Positions accordingly based on Market Movement. Nifty might Trade between 13880-14040 today. stockmarket

Pre - Market Analysis (29th Dec 2020)

US Markets closed Higher Yesterday. Right now , U.S Futures are up 0.5% SGX Nifty is Trading near 14k. Asian markets are positive. That is indicating fresh all time high for Nifty. Same old story. DII's selling , FII's buying. Market giving big gap ups. Touching fresh highs almost on daily basis. 14000 CE has the highest open interest among call options. Now if this level gets crossed today itself , the option writers will look for cover. This might take markets much more higher. Nothing much to say. Trend is so swift on the higher side. We are in a Bull Market. Every dip is a buying Opportunity now. We have recovered all the losses. Markets make big moves in Month end. So sticking to Stock option selling. Avoiding Nifty & Bank Nifty now. Sold lot of put options in banking stocks yesterday. Time decay will be very fast as expiry is near. Nifty might Trade between 13920-14060 today.

Pre - Market Analysis (28th Dec 2020)

US Markets closed Mixed. Right now , U.S Futures are up 0.5% SGX Nifty is Trading near 13870. Trump signs U.S Stimulus bill. Asian markets are positive. That is indicating fresh all time high for Nifty. Last Monday was the Technical Glitch day. Nifty fell 4%, Bank Nifty fell 5%, mid cap and small cap fell 6%. I've stated many times in past that Bull Market corrections last only for a day. We have recovered all the losses. Now we might Consolidate after this big gap up. Markets giving Intraday Correction almost daily & these are an Opportunity to enter. FII volumes dried up. Due to New Year & Christmas holidays. Bank Nifty also looks quite strong. With all front line bank stocks almost at their highs. FMCG & IT is the place to park funds right now. Look for stocks which haven't Participanted much in this rally. These will be more Value bets. Volumes will be very low as its holiday week. That also gives room to high Volatility. Nifty might Trade between 13

Pre - Market Analysis (23rd Dec 2020)

US markets closed in red. Asian Markets are Mixed. Trump has put a halt for US Stimulus. This triggered a sell off and Negative sentiment. Yesterday our Markets bounced back pretty well after a huge sell off few days back. Coming to know from many Sources that all the Pending orders between 11.30 to 11.40 got cancelled due to Technical Glitches. Many traders like me place a Stoploss order and we handle our daily works. I take care of clients after putting the same in system. But due to Technical Glitch all of them got cancelled. So when these Stoploss orders get cancelled it led to huge fall. Now this Mutant Corona Virus fears are on the floor. Markets are worried about this currently.  Yesterdays low and high remain important levels for today. We might consolidate between these levels for some time & after European Markets open. We could Possibly make a big move. View remains Rangebound / Negative now. FMCG stocks look safe bets now. IT Stocks should also be on radar.

Pre - Market Analysis (22nd Dec 2020)

US markets opened Negative but closed at highest point of the day. U.S Futures right now are slightly Negative. SGX Nifty is around 13450. European Futures down by 3%. Until yesterday afternoon, European futures were down only 1%. After their markets open, they fell 3%. Yesterday was one of the worst Intraday crash in our Markets. Markets fell so fast with many people who couldn't take any sort of action. Yesterday india VIX went up by 25%. Option Premiums are still very attractive. FII's for the first time were Net sellers Yesterday. Whether they keep selling or this was a one off selling? Time will only say. I've warned previously to be cautious and start booking profits specially for Investors. One day could take away your monthly returns. No range , no support will work now. Just focus on price action. Now we are in a sell on rally mode until we defend any major support level. Yesterday's fall was due to fresh Mutant Corona Virus cases detected in Europe

Pre - Market Analysis (21st Dec 2020)

U.S Markets closed lower on Friday. Right now U.S Futures are almost flat. Asian Markets are majorly negative. SGX Nifty is Trading near 13740 now. There were some news flow over the weekend. Reliance has come up with a Unique Gas based system which can meet 15% of Asia's demand. This is a Postive news for Relaince & due to this Reliance might gap up today. U.S Stimulus has been agreed for $900 Billion. Fed has removed Buy back restrictions on Banking Stocks. U.K has noticed major new Cases for Corona Virus. This is a Negative news. We are in a Liquidity driven Market now and that is being provided by FII's This is a shortened trading week with Friday being Christmas holiday. Majorly expectation is big players won't be active in last week's of December. Consolidation is expected now with a slight postive bias. Whenever there is an Intraday dip , it is being Immediately bought into. Market closes at the highest point of the day by End of the day. This has

Pre - Market Analysis (18th Dec 2020)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. Right now U.S Futures are down 100 Points. U.S & Indian Markets both have hit fresh all time highs Yesterday. Trump Accelerates Stimulus talks and there's some progress in the same. That Caused Positive sentiment. Asian Markers are mindly lower. SGX Nifty is now around 13750. The trend is so strong , every dip is being bought into. Yesterday as well Markets were trending. There wasn't any dip throughout the day. We are coming closer to end of December series. Expect FII's activity to reduce during this time. Also read a data Yesterday that SIP inflows for November were at 31 Month low. Is Retail Smart by stopping their buying or are FII's are smart by buying aggressively? Time will only say. In the Year 2017 , we had a great Bull Market as well. Nifty was up 35% , Mid cap Index up 70% & Small Caps up 100%. Bull run ended when some Normal IPO's were hugely Oversubscribed & fresh listings were getting huge Va

Pre - Market Analysis (16th Dec 2020)

US markets closed a Percent higher Yesterday. Asian Markets are all trading higher. SGX Nifty around 13640 now. Pre - Opening for SGX Nifty indicates all time high. If there is a follow through after the first hour at all time highs. We can expect more follow through. Or as always Markets will fall Intraday and recover back in 2nd half. This is what is going on since a Month now. Financial Stocks are on a roll now. Specially the NBFC Companies. Bajaj Twins were the Heroes behind market recovery Yesterday. This is a ranging Market and its advisable to play the range. SGX Nifty indicates 100 Point gap up and if we really open here it's better to sell. Keeping a Stoploss of 50 Points spot. Dip towards 13480-13500 is a buying Opportunity. Yesterday another IPO has opened. Mrs. Bectors IPO this company deals in Bakery products. They have an Experience of 25 Years and have a good brand value in 5-6 States. Future Prospects of the Company looks promising  Can Apply for listing

Pre - Market Analysis (15th Dec 2020)

US markets closed 0.6% negative Yesterday. Asian Marlets are mindly lower. U.S futures right now are slightly positive. SGX Nifty is Trading near 13530 now. Yesterday I mentioned 13400 to 13600 range for Nifty. This range worked out well & can continue to go on. Markets are Rallying too fast too quick are Consolidating. Consolidation is infact good for the Bulls. I won't like to go long here and won't like to add fresh money. Dips would come and that would be opportunity to add. Bank Nifty also Trading in a narrow range. Next big event for the markets is the Budget. After December Month focus would shift on the budget. FII's continue to buy. In U.S interest rates are Zero. Therefore FII's look to invest in Markets and emerging Markets. To at least generate some return. Today's view is clear buy on dips closer to 13400. Bank Nifty near 30500. Nifty might Trade between 13420-13580 today.

Pre - Market Analysis (14th Dec 2020)

US futures are higher by 170 Points. Asian markets are all in Green SGX Nifty is trading near 13570. Seems like again we are going to have a big gap up. This has been a sort of regular deal now. On Friday , the Markets were highly Volatile. After a Big gap up Markets went in red but managed to close a big higher by end of the day. Such Volatility is going to continue going ahead. India VIX below 20 so option prices are also quite low. Markets are still expected to Consolidate in a range. 13400 to 13600 is the range for Nifty. 30200 to 30700 is the range for Bank Nifty. Markets need to break this range to give a big move either side. U.S starts to provide Vaccination. U.S Govt has announced that Corona Virus Vaccine would be freely available there. Roll out of Vaccine is indeed a positive news. Bull Markets climb the wall of worries. There were lot of issues few months back and we witnessed a huge Bull run. Now all the problems are coming to an end. There is also lot of Euph

Pre - Market Analysis (11th Dec 2020)

US markets Flat Yesterday. Asian Markets are also flat. Markets all over the world are showing signs of Consolidation. Yesterday was expiry and our markets were mostly Flat. We witnessed severe correction in first half and expected that this could turn out much worse. Bears tried their best to break 13400 Yesterday but couldn't succeed. Finally we witnessed big short covering in last hour. SGX Nifty is Trading near 13520 now. This is now a market which will reward those who buy on dip patiently. Entering on gap ups us a very risky trade as this Market is already at highs. Also an Interesting thing noticed Yesterday was sector rotation. Sector rotation has been happening and money has been shifting to FMCG stocks. FMCG stocks have not performed in this rally but when bear market comes there stocks start performing. It's time to be very selective and careful now while choosing Equities. Markets look like there is some steam left now on the upside. But it will be a slo

Pre - Market Analysis (10th Dec 2020)

US markets closed lower Yesterday. Witnessing Mild profit booking as Stimulus deal talks are on the way. Asian markets are also witnessing slight profit booking. SGX Nifty is now Trading near 13500. Yesterday our Markets broke the Resistance of 13500 and closed higher. This was due to big Unwinding of call options near 13500. All the Option writers have now shifted to 13600. Yesterday some Index Heavy weights managed the Markets on the upside. HDFC Bank , Reliance are the major contributors. Today is the second weekly expiry . Remember this series has 5 weekly expirys. Vaccination has also been started in U.S There were some videos Circulating of people being Vaccinated. However there are still rumours about credibility of Vaccine. But according to me Markets are not looking at all these news. Bull Markets climb the wall.of worry. As long as there are problems we rise whej every positive is being attended into. That's when Markets top up. So rather than predeciding it&#

Pre - Market Analysis (9th Dec 2020)

US markets closed Positive Yesterday. Asian Markets right now are all higher. SGX Nifty is trading near 13470. Yesterday Markets tried hard to cross 13500 but failed. As Suggested Yesterday , NIFTY moved within 13200 to 13500. This is the broader range for our Markets. Once if any of the Boundaries get taken out then we might start witnessing a trend. Until this range holds , Expecting Markets to Consolidate. From last few days buzz has been in Equity Segment. PSU Banks have been flying. Pharma & IT also Contributing to some gains. FII's still holding net long Positions. Retail people redeeming money at higher levels through Mutual Funds. According to me we are in the final leg of the Bull Market. Some Stocks may rally after this last leg gets done but we won't witness a one way rally across all Segments. We have moved up too quick too fast. Bull Market won't stop but the pace will reduce. I would sell near 13500 with a Stoploss of 30 Points on spot. If it d

Pre - Market Analysis (8th Dec 2020)

US markets closed a bit lower Yesterday. Right now U.S Futures are also a bit lower. SGX Nifty is Trading around 13400. Asian Markets are mostly Flat. Yesterday even when Asian Markets were lower along with Dow Futures we kept going higher. 100 Point Gain for Nifty in a day is a joke now. Almost everyday we are witnessing this Scenario. Yesterday's rally could be attributed to short covering. There are excessive shorts in the system and all are being trapped. FII's inflow not stopping. It seems like they understand the real Potential of India. Our Indian People are unable to do so because DII's they keep selling. I feel this is a time to be cautious on the upside. We have run up too quick too high. There has not been any significant Correction since November. If it comes it will be quick & big. 13500 CE has the highest open interest in weekly options so this is a resistance. On the lower side 13000 was the support as it had highest open interest. But now opt

Pre - Market Analysis (7th Dec 2020)

On Friday , U.S Markets hit fresh highs. SGX Nifty on Friday closing was near 13330. Currently , U.S Futures are slightly down. Asian Markets are witnessing severe profit booking. Hang Seng , China , Kospi, Nikkei witnessing big profit booking. This is why SGX Nifty is currently trading at 13250 , near about friday market closing level. Bank Nifty & Nifty on Friday broke out in last half hour. Today if we get support from Global Markets and if Asian Markets start to recover then we might witness big rally today. FII's on Friday too were net buyers. DII's keep selling. 13000 is a strong support for Swing traders on Nifty. Bank Nifty support comes near 29500. Market is giving Intraday fall almost on a daily basis. These are the times to buy into the Correction. This is a buy on dip Market. Trend is so strong onto the up side. We will keep slowly inching higher. The pace will reduce but trend is intact. Nifty might Trade between 12200-12380 today. stockmarketadviso

Pre - Market Analysis (4th Dec 2020)

US markets closed Flat Yesterday. Dow Futures now are mildly positive. SGX Nifty is Trading near 13250. Markets all over the world are going through a Consolidation phase. Yesterday expiry was also very flat. Nifty moved within a range of 60-70 Points only the whole Yesterday. Bank Nifty is unable to cross 30k. 12200 seems a conjession zone for Nifty. If we get a closing above any of these levels. Then it is a confirmed Breakout. Yesterday Nifty Futures were Trading at 70 Points Premium compared to spot. Yesterday HDFC Bank corrected as RBI restricted then to issue credit cards due to which Bank Nifty corrected and which also had a slight impact on Nifty. If it was a negative news for HDFC bank it was positive for SBI cards as it gained 5%. Going by the data Market looks Bullish again. Today if we get a closing above Resistances then it would be apt to buy calls or sell puts. Another Important factor to note today is RBI Policy which is at 10 AM today. So Bank Nifty might b

Pre - Market Analysis (3rd Dec 2020)

US markets closed Flat yesterday. Asian markets are sort of mixed. Dow Futures are flat today Morning. SGX Nifty is Trading around 13170 now. Yesterday Markets were Volatile but where within a range. Nifty hit a low of 13k after 1 pm but Managed to recover by EOD. This Volatility is likely to continue going ahead. Burger King IPO has opened Yesterday and here are my Views about it. Positives: Strong brand with a Strong International Presence.  Revenue & Growth Visibility in coming years and our Generation is shifting to fast food and Junk Food. Food Sector never goes out of Market , Demand Is always available. Negatives : Loss Making Company even though EBIDTA is Positive. A bit Expensive Valuations but all the companies in this sector trade at expensive Valuations only. Verdict : Must Subscribe for Long Term  Those who are looking for listing gains can also Subscribe for the same as I do not think it should list below issue price. I believe as an Investor you should lo

Pre - Market Analysis (2nd Dec 2020)

US markets closed higher Yesterday. But now U.S Futures are down 0.5% Asian Markets are Flat. SGX Nifty is Trading around 13150. Our Markets are Blindly following the Global Markets. Yesterday U.S Futures were higher so we closed at high point of the day. This is happening from quite some time now. FII's haven't stopped their buying. Yesterday also they have bought for 3200 crores. DII's booking profits at higher levels. Yesterday many traders expected that Volumes would reduce considering SEBI peak margin norms. But surprisingly yesterday volumes were adjacent to the regular volumes. Brokers are taking some time in getting adjusted to the new norms. We might consolidate within the range of 13000 to 13250 for this expiry. Nifty might Trade between 13060-13240 today. Question of the day by MR. Steveraj. How do options work? Like If I bought a Call Option when do I make profit and when I sell option how do I make profit ? Let's take an E

Pre - Market Analysis (1st Dec 2020)

US markets closed a percent lower Yesterday. Asian Markets were all Trading lower. But now things have changed. Dow Futures are Trading about a percent higher. SGX Nifty is now Trading near 13k. SGX Nifty made a low of 12750 on Friday. Now it has recovered by almost 250 Points overnight. 12780 is a strong support on Nifty. 13200 is a resistance. Expecting Nifty to trade between these Boundaries for some time now. SEBI's 25% margin block & leverage reduction rule will be applicable from Today. This might bring in higher Volatility in our Markets. We are in a ranging Market now. In Ranging Market gap downs need to be bought and gap ups to be sold . FII's bought for more than 60k crore in November. Now due to these margin issues their inflows might take a hit. DII's are mostly short of the Markets  Most than 75% of the Retail is short on this Market. Markets cannot be relied on inflows only. Earnings also need to catch up. Nifty might Trade between 12880-13080