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Pre - Market Analysis (18th Dec 2020)

  1. US markets closed higher Yesterday.
  2. Right now U.S Futures are down 100 Points.
  3. U.S & Indian Markets both have hit fresh all time highs Yesterday.
  4. Trump Accelerates Stimulus talks and there's some progress in the same.
  5. That Caused Positive sentiment.
  6. Asian Markers are mindly lower.
  7. SGX Nifty is now around 13750.
  8. The trend is so strong , every dip is being bought into.
  9. Yesterday as well Markets were trending.
  10. There wasn't any dip throughout the day.
  11. We are coming closer to end of December series.
  12. Expect FII's activity to reduce during this time.
  13. Also read a data Yesterday that SIP inflows for November were at 31 Month low.
  14. Is Retail Smart by stopping their buying or are FII's are smart by buying aggressively?
  15. Time will only say.
  16. In the Year 2017 , we had a great Bull Market as well.
  17. Nifty was up 35% , Mid cap Index up 70% & Small Caps up 100%.
  18. Bull run ended when some Normal IPO's were hugely Oversubscribed & fresh listings were getting huge Valuations , also Long term Capital Gains was introduced later on which reduced liquidity.
  19. Few IPO's like Shankara Buildings , Astron Paper etc during 2017 ran up a lot.
  20. Now they are all down 70-80% from their highs.
  21. A company cannot run up above it's Fundamental value.
  22. Burger King is one stock which you should avoid now.
  23. Ran up so much which it doesn't deserve.
  24. Nifty might Trade between 13640 to 13820 today.
  26. Question of the day by Mrs. Saloni.
  27. I'm a Value Investor & I see all stocks which don't have good Fundamentals also rising. This causes a fear as when Markets start to fall these will fall. But right now Quality stocks are not rising much so I'm a dilemma.
  28. Currently the best place to be in is in safe stocks. Quality Stocks which have not performed now will perform when Markets turn. Stocks which don't have proper fundamentals will fall the most.
  29. FMCG & Consumer stocks have not participated in this rally. These can be safe bets to park your mone my into.
  30. Market runs in cycles , so just wait for your cycle to unfold.


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