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Pre - Market Analysis (1st Dec 2020)

  1. US markets closed a percent lower Yesterday.
  2. Asian Markets were all Trading lower.
  3. But now things have changed.
  4. Dow Futures are Trading about a percent higher.
  5. SGX Nifty is now Trading near 13k.
  6. SGX Nifty made a low of 12750 on Friday.
  7. Now it has recovered by almost 250 Points overnight.
  8. 12780 is a strong support on Nifty.
  9. 13200 is a resistance.
  10. Expecting Nifty to trade between these Boundaries for some time now.
  11. SEBI's 25% margin block & leverage reduction rule will be applicable from Today.
  12. This might bring in higher Volatility in our Markets.
  13. We are in a ranging Market now.
  14. In Ranging Market gap downs need to be bought and gap ups to be sold .
  15. FII's bought for more than 60k crore in November.
  16. Now due to these margin issues their inflows might take a hit.
  17. DII's are mostly short of the Markets 
  18. Most than 75% of the Retail is short on this Market.
  19. Markets cannot be relied on inflows only.
  20. Earnings also need to catch up.
  21. Nifty might Trade between 12880-13080 today.
  23. Question of the day by MR. SUJITH.
  24. What is SGX Nifty and should we track the same overnight?
  25. SGX Nifty is termed as Singapore Nifty. After our market close Nifty is traded in Singapore Market overnight. Due to which gap ups and gap downs happen in our Market. Positional and hedge traders have to watch SGX Nifty.
  26. It's better not to track SGX Nifty whole night because it's not in your hand to do anything once the Market is closed and it will disturb your sleep as well.
  27. Better not to carry so big overnight positions that it will ruin your sleep


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