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Pre - Market Analysis (12th April 2021)

  1. U.S Markets closed at all time high on Friday.
  2.  Asian markets are Underperforming the Globe.
  3. SGX Nifty today Morning is down by 200 points.
  4. There were rumours that the Maharashtra will go for 15 days of complete lock down.
  5. India has recorded more than 1.5Lakhs of positive cases Yesterday.
  6. Many States have started to announce restrictions.
  7. Market is contemplating a severe 15 days of complete lockdown where cases are too high.
  8. Right now , there's no such official announcement made.
  9. Still Markets are in a Panic selling mode.
  10. Whether this dip will be bought or not only time will say.
  11. We have only 3 working days left for this Expiry as Wednesday is a Holiday.
  12. 14500 which is the previous week is a strong support.
  13. Today we also have many IT Companies announcing their results.
  14. IT companies coming up with Positive results will itself boost the sentiment of our Markets.
  15. On one hand U.S Markets keep hitting fresh all time highs and the local cues keep getting worse day by day.
  16. India is in a brutal second wave of Covid Cases but I think this is Temporary.
  17. We have a Vaccine now and in next 30-40 days if we are able to give 10 crore doses of Vaccine the cases will reduce drastically.
  18. The Markets are a buy on every dip and there's no reason to be bearish in the long term.
  19. It's just that sometimes these moves take out the weak longs and over leveraged bullish traders.
  20. Will be selling 14200 and 14300 PE of weekly expiry today after observing the price action and premiums.
  21. Nifty might Trade between 14620-14840 today.


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