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Pre - Market Analysis (1st April 2022)

  1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday.
  2. It was the last day of the Financial year and investors seemed to have taken out some profits.
  3. Our markets were firm and we're trading within a flat range yesterday.
  4. SGX Nifty is down 50-60 points
  5. 17400-17425 is a very good support zone immediately.
  6. This is the zone to go long at first with 30-50 point stoploss.
  7. This is a buy on dip Market.
  8. FII's & DII's both have turned net buyers since last 2 trading sessions.
  9. This indicates strength and momentum on the upside immediately.
  10. Right now Dow futures are higher.
  11. Asian markets are flat.
  12. First couple of trading sessions decide the course for the whole month.
  13. If we manage to cross 17500 and sustain then doors for 17800 is open.
  14. 17600 is the pre war low so this will act as a next week resistance after 17500.
  15. India VIX was higher slightly yesterday.
  16. Bank Nifty is near 200 DMA and it has still some unfinished business.
  17. 38000 could easily surpass on the Bank Nifty from here.
  18. This will drive the momentum for Nifty 
  19. Axis Bank has taken over Citi Bank so expect Axis Bank to outperform among banks.
  20. Nifty might Trade between 17380 to 17600 today.


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U.S Markets closed higher yesterday. Asian markets are higher. SGX nifty is up 150 points. Yesterday was a very tricky and unexpected session. As soon as Market opened there was a continuous selling. Market was falling left , right and center without taking any support. I was wondering why is the Market going against the global cues Then we got the news about RBI Governer press conference. So some informed people already knew about this rate hike. Hence there was a sudden selling in the markets. RBI hiked repo rate by 40 basis points and Cash Reverse ratio by 50 basis points. Repo rate is the rate at which banks borrow money from RBI. When the rate is increased banks borrow money at higher cost and in turn loans also get costlier. This slows down the growth and liquidity in the Market temporarily. Cash reserve ratio is the interest free deposit money which banks have to keep with RBI. RBI uses that money without having to pay any interest on it. Increasing CRR means RBI is

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U.S Markets closed mixed on Friday. Dow Jones closed slightly higher. S&P 500 was flat and Nasdaq is very weak. Right now , Dow futures are lower. SGX Nifty is down 100 points. So we are in for a gap down opening today. Friday was a quite interesting day. As expected , RBI policy was a status quo. Nifty broke Thursday low of 17640 and traded below for quite some time. And then for a short squeeze. All the shorts were trapped and we had a big rally. Most importantly , India VIX was down 7% on Friday. I expect markets to consolidate between 17600 to 18100 for a while. I do not see a reason to be excessively bearish now. Markets went from 17700 to 18100 because of hdfc twins. And then crashed to 17600 because of these both stocks. These both stocks have given up all of their gains and are back to Pre merger levels. There is very limited downside now for these stocks and expecting these stocks to bottom out soon 17500 to 17600 is a strong buy zone on Nifty. Also earnings se