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Pre - Market Analysis (Valentine's Day)

  1. U.S Markets crashed yet again on Friday.
  2. Right now Dow futures are flat
  3. Asian markets are lower.
  4. SGX Nifty is near 17100.
  5. Suggesting a big gap down opening for today 
  6. There is a rally of news flow over the weekend.
  7. All of them are negative.
  8. Firstly , Ukraine & Russia war going on.
  9. It seems likely that Russia will invade Ukraine by this week.
  10. This has made Crude oil cross 95$/ barrell.
  11. We are the highest Importers of Crude Oil and this will effect us badly.
  12. Secondly , ABG Shipyard scam news broke over the weekend and there have been lots of questions on the same.
  13. ABG shipyard is not a new thing.
  14. This was in development since last 3 years.
  15. Many major banks have already recovered some dues from it.
  16. This could cause a sentimental impact to Bank Nifty but I do not see any longer term impact of the same.
  17. Thirdly , U.S Inflation and Interest rate hike plus Indian inflation and rate hike.
  18. This will be having a long term effect on Market and upto March end I don't see Market settling.
  19. 18000 I feel should be the top till March End.
  20. Fourth , Sucheta Dalal again targeting Adani group stocks.
  21. This would all be a one day affair as the same happened few months ago and by next day all of it recovered.
  22. Tweeting without any corresponding proofs doesn't bring down any group.
  23. Rather it creates suspicion on the Journalist after a point.
  24. Im Ultra Bearish till March .
  25. This is a sell on rally Market with big pull backs in between.
  26. Only highly skilled traders could make money out of this.
  27. Others are advisable to stay away for a week at least until the dust settles.
  28. Volatility will be heavy plus news flow.
  29. Nifty might Trade between 17000 to 17300 today.
  30. Do not short the Market immediately after gap down.
  31. Wait for 17200-17250 range to be rejected and that's where risk reward favours with stoploss of 17300.
  32. Whole of Inexperienced traders would be going short today at open today as everybody knows negative news.
  33. This is where big players hunt stoploss and take Market lower in 2nd half.
  34. 17000-17050 is immediate support.
  35. If this breaks we are heading towards 16850.


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