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Pre - Market Analysis (18th November 2021)

  1. U.S Markets closed lower yesterday.
  2. Asian markets and Dow futures are lower right now.
  3. SGX Nifty is indicating 20-30 point lower opening.
  4. There is only one word to describe these markets.
  5. That is Volatile.
  6. Markets are on a serious Volatility in November series.
  7. I've seen Corona Virus , Nirmala Candle , Taper Tantrum etc and handled well.
  8. But this November Volatility is too much.
  9. 17800 is the next support for Nifty.
  10. Bank Nifty is too weak.
  11. Friday's low has been breached for both Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  12. We have a long weekend coming so traders wouldn't like to carry their positions on weekend.
  13. Expecting a high volatile expiry today.
  14. Bank Nifty Feb high was 37700.
  15. After this Bank Nifty fell a bit went to 41800.
  16. All these gains have been wiped out in just few weeks.
  17. 18000 CE has added huge open interest in both weekly & monthly options.
  18. These levels are not likely to breach today.
  19. Short term view is bearish.
  20. I'm selling only call options now with hedge.
  21. Nifty might Trade between 17750 to 17950 today.
  22. Any bounce towards 17950 to 18000 should be sold into.


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