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Pre - Market Analysis (25th Nov 2020)

  1. Dow Jones crossed 30k Yesterday for the first time in the history.
  2. Dow Futures are also trading higher now.
  3. Asian Market's are trading higher.
  4. SGX Nifty is Trading around 13230.
  5. Bank Nifty likely to open above 30k Today.
  6. FII's have pumped in more than 30,000 crores in November series.
  7. Yesterday I mentioned in my Blog that first hour is the key and if Nifty Sustains above 13k then there's a breakout.
  8. Yesterday Markets consolidated in the First half near 13k and in second half we witnessed a sharp rally.
  9. Bank Nifty outperformed Yesterday.
  10. Usually after a Big Breakout sky is the limit.
  11. Next resistance for Nifty is 13200.
  12. We are likely to open near about this level as per SGX.
  13. This is a one sided rally in the Markets.
  14. This rally is surely the most confused rally and it can have more legs.
  15. People who missed out investing at lows are now investing their money.
  16. Funds always start to flow at the peak of the Market.
  17. When Market is at lows everybody starts to sell.
  18. So now there would be more inflow of funds.
  19. As long as funds tap is open and Global markets keep Rallying better not to expect a big Correction.
  20. Big correction will come it has to come but it will happen in its own time.
  21. When it happens I will update about that.
  22. Until then it's a strong strong bull Market which is rattling all the Shorts.
  23. Me and my Clients have carried long Positions.
  24. So if opening today is anywhere around what SGX is suggesting.
  25. We will book our longs at open.
  26. If you havent carried longs then I won't advice you to chase such big gap ups.
  27. Wait for a 50-60 point dip on Nifty , 150-200 point dip on Bank Nifty to enter.
  28. Nifty might Trade between 13080-13260 today.
  30. Question of the day asked by MR .Sudesh Joshi : Effect of India VIX on Stock Market and on Option Prices
  31. India VIX is known as Indian Volatility Index. It Generally depicts the Yearly Movement of Nifty. For Example India VIX is near 20 now. So Nifty for next Year can go up or down by 20%. Remember VIX was at 86 in March when Nifty was around 7500. We have gained back more than 60-70%.
  32. There is an Incorrect notion that VIX goes higher only in a falling Market. This is incorrect. VIX can go high even in rising Market. Higher VIX indicates higher option prices where option sellers look to initiate straddles etc. Lower VIX indicates low option prices where buyers look to buy options.


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