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Pre - Market Analysis (13th November 2020)

  1. US markets witnessed some Profit booking Yesterday.
  2. Fed Chairman Mr. Powell pointed out Yesterday that economy outlook in Uncertain.
  3. This is due to Corona Virus cases surging at its peak in U.S
  4. Vaccine news is not quite a big news.
  5. It has come to know that Vaccine requires Minus 70 Degrees temperature to be stored.
  6. Which is quite difficult in Indian Environment.
  7. Pfizer management also sold 2% stake after the Vaccine news.
  8. This gives a Negative hint to the Markets.
  9. One Strategy I'm applying is whenever there is Vaccine news & Markets are rallying.
  10. I'm selling the same.
  11. Vaccine with 100% tested results according to me isn't possible for at least 2 years from today.
  12. I've done a lot of research on this and it's strictly my view.
  13. Remember few months before, Moderna promoters also sold just after their announcement of Vaccine.
  14. So this news is just to make their respective share prices rise by making fool out of people.
  15. SGX Nifty is down by 80 Points.
  16. Markets are in a Consolidation phase and are likely to continue for this week expiry too.
  17. Yesterday also there was Consolidation but with high Volatility.
  18. Monday is holiday so we have 9 trading Sessions.
  19. Tomorrow we have muhurat trading session but it can be ignored as it's only for an hour.
  20. If any Big move has to come it will come in Monthly expiry week.
  21. This expiry week Markets are likely to consolidate in 200-300 Point range.
  22. I've started to book profits in my Long term Investment Portfolio in some companies.
  23. Will re enter at correction.
  24. Nifty might Trade between 12560-12740 today.


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