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Pre - Market Analysis (6th July 2020)

  1. U.S Markets were closed on Friday but U.S Futures are up 1% now.
  2. Nasdaq is Trading at all time high.
  3. Asian Markets are all in Green.
  4. SGX Nifty is up 100 Points and Trading near 10680.
  5. I was Receiving many Texts as to why Markets are Trading higher despite Corona Virus infections Increasing and all bad news etc.
  6. According to me , Markets are rising because things are not bad as it seemed to be at the Beginning of Corona Virus Pandemic.
  7. Businesses have started , Economy is Recovering.
  8. Markets always factor in all the news before handed.
  9. It discounts the future news before handed.
  10. The day the Vaccine comes out , the Markets will top out.
  11. This is the Nature of Markets.
  12. Runs on hopes , tops out on Reality.
  13. FII's were selling for the past whole month now they have turned Net Buyers.
  14. Bought more than 800 Crores on Friday.
  15. This is a very important number.
  16. Another Important Observation is Large Cap Stocks on Individual Charts are looking very Bullish.
  17. Large Cap Stocks are ready to go Boom.
  18. You might be thinking why am I so Bullish even in this Situation , just say me with facts why should I be Bearish?
  19. People felt Markets topped out at 10600.
  20. Markets top out when everybody is Long on the Markets.
  21. Hardly now even 20% of the Participants are Long on the Markets currently. People don't even know why Markets are going up all over the World.
  22. Next Target for Nifty is 11000.
  23. I do not know how much time it will take for that as timing is never certain in Stock Markets.
  24. I sold 10300,10250,10200,10100 & 10000 PE on Friday weekly Expiry.
  25. Also taken a Ratio Spread on Friday 
  26. Bought 10500 PE , Sold 2*10000 PE & 4*9500 PE Monthly Expiry.
  27. HDFC Bank has come out with Spectacular results this Weekend.
  28. This could take Bank Nifty higher & cross the Important Resistance of 22550 on Bank Nifty.
  29. Sometimes people overthink a lot and they miss the action happening , one needs to just follow the Markets without overthinking.
  30. U.S Vix is down to 28 now so expect India VIX to go down further.
  31. Unless any out of the Box Negative news comes in the Trend is Bullish.
  32. Nifty might Trade between 10580 to 10720 today.
  33. Bank Nifty might Outperform Nifty today on the Back of HDFC Bank results.


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