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Pre - Market Analysis (17th June 2020)

  1. U.S Markets closed 3% higher Yesterday.
  2. Asian Markets are all in Green.
  3. SGX Nifty is down 50 Points and Trading near 9830 now.
  4. Yesterday the Markets were highly Volatile due to Indo - China border issue.
  5. In Market hours News Came that 3 Soldiers died.
  6. But Today Morning it's being Reported that almost 20 Soldiers died.
  7. There were many Casualties in China as well.
  8. I dont think this would go on further or there may be a War as both the Countries cannot afford a war.
  9. Already we are Fighting an invisible Enemy in the form of "Corona Virus".
  10. Index Heavyweights like Reliance , HDFC Twins Supported the Market Yesterday.
  11. Due to which we closed in a Bullish Tone.
  12. This isnt a Trending Market.
  13. This is a Swinging Market in which there are large swings on both sides with heavy Volatility.
  14. Sticking on to Trades for a longer timeframe might out to be very risky.
  15. Trading without a Hedge is calling for Trouble.
  16. FII's were net sellers again Yesterday.
  17. They are Unsual People.
  18. When the buy they keep buying and vice Versa.
  19. 9700 is a near term support on Nifty and Yesterday it didn't get Violated.
  20. Expect Reliance , ITC , HDFC Twins to support Nifty and Don't see major fall here.
  21. Trade is to buy near the Support area and play for the swing.
  22. Trading in these Markets is Difficult but not impossible.
  23. It requires Skills , Experience and Money Management.
  24. Yesterday I've bought Reliance 1x 1640 CE , Sold 2x1720 CE , 2x1760 CE.
  25. Next Resistance is near 1700 for Reliance so If Reliance Expires between 1640 to 1720 there is a return of 15% in just 6 Trading Sessions.
  26. Will do Adjustments to this Strategy Accordingly.
  27. 9700 to 10000 is the range for Nifty.
  28. Trade for a swing either side.
  29. Take Contra Bets , this Market is not Trending and won't reward Trending Trades.
  30. If you want Excitement then Trade in Bank Nifty.
  31. It's the highly Volatile index.
  32. Yesterday it was up 800 Points , went down 1200 Points and then Recovered.
  33. Better to avoid such Indexes currently.
  34. Nifty might Trade between 9700 to 10k


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