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Pre - Market Report (6th May 2020)

  1. US markets opened 1.5% higher Yesterday but closed Marginally higher.
  2. Asian markets are Mixed.
  3. Yesterday our Markets opened with good Optimism but closed at the lowest point of the day.
  4. This was on the back of 500 Point fall on Monday.
  5. Nifty fell more than 600 Points in just 2 trading Sessions.
  6. Buy on Dip days Seem History & now we are turning into sell on rallies Market.
  7. Crude Oil Prices have risen by 25%.
  8. After Bitcoin , Crude Oil seems to be the Most Volatile Trading Instrument.
  9. FII's & DII's combined have sold more than 2000 crores Yesterday.
  10. As Mentioned in previous days Blog that Bank Nifty would continue to Underperform & this seems to be Continued till this Expiry.
  11. Bank Nifty has fallen more than 15% in just 2 Trading Sessions.
  12. Financials are the Weakest sector in the Current Market Environment.
  13. Petrol prices have been Increased by ₹8 / litre Yesterday and almost in all the States.
  14. I've Stopped Expecting anything Positive from this Government on the Economy front.
  15. If they can handle this Mess without making it Messier then it would be a great job by their Standards.
  16. India is not a rich country Compared to U.S and we cannot expect huge Fiscal STIMULUS package.
  17. There is no STIMULUS package announced by our Government even after 2 Months of Lockdown.
  18. U.S has Announced STIMULUS package more than thrice and has also Transferred money to every Citizens Bank Account.
  19. Major problem for our markets (i) Absence of Fiscal Stimulus, (ii) Banks requesting for 3 more months of moratorium & huge surge in Corona Virus Cases.
  20. Second Wave of Corona Virus cases seems to be on the Cards now.
  21. Telangana Government has already extended Lockdown till the end of May which is not a good sign.
  22. The Market has reversed the Trend & now in a very Weak Zone.
  23. The Backbone of Market ie, Financials have been losing all of their Shine.
  24. Rallies will come and wait Patiently to sell into them.
  25. Expecting the Markets to be Consolidating & Rangebound & this Expiry to end on a Negative Bias.
  26. Yesterday there was high Volatility Inspite of falling VIX.
  27. Nifty might Trade between 9050-9400.
  28. Bank Nifty will continue to Underperform Compared to Nifty.
  29. Explore Shorting Opportunities on Financial Stocks specially on the PSU Banks.
  30. SBI trading near 52 Weeks low, Bajaj Finance at the 52 Weeks low could be good Shorting Opportunities.
  31. FMCG's & Consumer Durable Companies are safe bets for going long and to hedge your short Trades.
  32. Consult your Financial Advisor & Trade on your own risk.


Sonal Meharia said…
Your blogs are to good:)

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