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Full Time Trading or a 9 to 5 Job?

I receive a lot of Messages over my Social Media Platforms stating whether one should Drop out from a Job & become a Full Time trader.
Also I come across many Advertisements over the Social Media promising to leave a Job and become a Full Time Trader.

Let me put my Views on this:

Trading is a risky Business which comes with No Guarantee. While it might Seem easy to just sit in front of a Laptop and make money in Trading it's not that simple when it comes to Practical Implementation.

Traders less than a Capital of ₹5 Lakhs should never jump into Full Time Trading & leave your job. There is a Proverb in Hindi ( Naa Ghar ke Naa ghat ke). You will be left Stranded.
Traders not having any Experience, no Edge should never become a Full time Trader as and when they step into Trading.

A regular paying job offers much more stability than trading. There is no guarantee in stock market, please remember this. You could incur profit or lose depending on your knowledge of the subject. Stock market is a key to build a long term future and with that comes lot of risks as well.

No Matter that there is Rain or Sunshine , on every first week you will get your Salary in your Job. In Trading , you might not earn for Few Weeks or you might earn a large amount in a few days or even you might lose some Money. 

Leaving a Job and Trading Pressurises your Mind which makes you compulsive to earn Money. As far as I know a Compulsive Trader can never WIN.
It requires a Calm and Patience mind to succeed in Trading.

Conclusion :

I would never suggest any Person who is just Starting out to get into Full time Trading.
There is no need to sit in front of your Systems from 9.15 to 3.30 if you want to become Profitable.
There are Many Strategies which can be Implemented and earn 5-6% a Month while doing your job.
Full time Trading requires certain Edge over others , risk taking ability & a large Capital.
So , do not fall for Advertisements claiming they can make you Profitable from Monday Morning.

Try to Create Multiple Streams of Income in your Life , not to Break the Current One's.

I am Into Stock Markets from past 11 Years we have clients all over the World. I trade with a Large Capital as well.
I could easily leave Everything else and focus on Stock Markets.
Why am I Pursuing Chartered Accountancy?
Answer is I want an Additional Income Source. 
I want an Additional Security. It will also Expand my Capital.

Just being a Trader only profits can expand your Capital , having multiple Streams of Income expands your Capital in other ways & help you to generate more Returns.

In my Circle , I can show you 5 Doctors who are Successful in their Life , 5 Chartered Accountants who are Successful in their Life , 5 MBA's who are doing good in their life .
Can you show me 5 Technical Analysts / Traders in your Circle who are Successful? 
Surely not , so try to Balance both your Trading as well as your Job Life.

Hope this Clarifies your Doubts!


Vaibhav Singh said…
This makes a lot of sense and clarifies to a lot of people out there stuck in middle of this question makes a lot of sense. 🙏🏻
Unknown said…
This makes a lot of sense and clarifies
Well said boss.
Praveen VM said…
An insightful post which everyone must read.
Praveen VM said…
An insightful blog for everyone.
Anonymous said…
This blog help mi to clear my doubt.
shyam shukla said…
Perfectly explained..almost all the aspects covered perfectly..
Jatadhari said…
Perfectly Correct.

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