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Pre - Market Report (9th April 2020)

  1. US markets closed 3% higher Yesterday.
  2. U.S Markets have recovered almost 45% of what they have lost due to Corona Virus Crash.
  3. SGX Nifty is up 140 points in the Pre - open.
  4. Interesting Observation which I got is Indian Markets are Blindly copying the U.S markets from past 2 days.
  5. On Tuesday U.S Markets were up 8% our Markets also ended 8% higher.
  6. Wednesday the U.S Markets were up 2-3% in first half & then closed flat by End of the day. Same Happened in our Markets Yesterday.
  7. Will we do the same today? Until how long will this continue?  Nobody Knows.
  8. Nifty is likely to move between 8000 to 9000. This seems to be a range where Markets would keep Consolidating.
  9. If 9000 Breaks & Sustains then we should expect higher levels on Nifty.
  10. Yes we are in a Pull Back / Short Covering rally & I think this has enough legs to last further.
  11. Markets have again become Very Volatile. Yesterday Bank Nifty made a swing of 1500 Points just in a span of one hour.
  12. I see there is Bearishness Everywhere. Everybody expects the Markets to make fresh Lows due to Extension of Lockdown etc. While this may happen , currently I don't see Markets reacting to the same.
  13. As Everybody is Bearish ( Youtube Experts , Instagram Followers) this is a buy signal to me.
  14. The way to make big Money is to "SELL GREED & BUY FEAR"
  15. I am Bullish just in the Short term & I expect the rally to last more Further.
  16. So , I've changed my Strategy from Sell on Rallies to "BUY ON DIPS".
  17. The way I will ride this rally is to buy far OTM April Expiry Call Options.
  18. Far OTM call options because If I lose it won't hurt me much but if I win this can easily give 3-4 times return.
  19. In the Long run Economy is likely to weaken & the Markets could retest the lows of 7500. In the Immediate short run this Pullback could last further.
  20. 9000 on Nifty seems to be an Immediate Hurdle and Markets REVERSED Yesterday from those levels.
  21. Sold some Far away Call Options & Put Options Yesterday. (16000 PE & 21000 CE on Bank Nifty)
  22. Next week there are only 3 Working days for the Markets so would look to build some Short Straddles on Nifty as the Premiums are high.
  23. Yesterday Markets just moved in a Range , made Wild Swings , gave an Indication as if we are in a TRENDING direction but that never happened.
  24. It was in a Rangebound zone & fooled majority of the Traders. I expect the Markets to be in a Rangebound zone & keep going up slowly.
  25. Reminder : Do not link Corona Virus news ( Deaths , Positive Cases etc)with Markets now. Markets Seem to have absorbed all of it and now only any Major Incremental News ( extending Lockdown etc) would only impact the Markets. 
  26. Consult your Financial Advisor & Trade on your own risk. 


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