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Pre - Market Report (27th April 2020)

  1. U.S Markets closed 1% higher On Friday.
  2. All Asian Markets are Mostly Trading Positive.
  3. China has Declared Wuhan as Corona Free City.
  4. On Friday Nifty closed 1.5% lower but Bank Nifty closed 3% lower. 
  5. Bank Nifty fell exactly double of Nifty.
  6. Financials are in a Bear Market & due to the Franklin issue the problems seems to Worsen .
  7. FII's are still Holding more than 60% long Positions in Index . So I don't expect Markets to fall heavily from here .
  8. Nifty has been Consolidating from past few weeks.
  9. The Range at which it was Consolidating was between 8800-9300.
  10. Now this Range seems to be Expanding & it's Expanding on the higher side.
  11. The Range has Moved to from 9000 to 9400 on Nifty now.
  12. Many Quality Stocks are Trading near their 52 week highs.
  13. Reliance has almost given more than 70% return in last 1 Month.
  14. Facebook - JIO deal comprised than 25-30% return out of those 70% .
  15. This is common in Bear Markets as Majority of the Smaller Businesses & High Leverage BUSINESS close down.
  16. The Market share is captured by Big Players.
  17. In Bear Markets , Big becomes Bigger & Small becomes zero.
  18. Corona Virus cases are Increasing but the pace at which they are rising is lower than before.
  19. Bank Nifty will continue to Underperform as Compared to Nifty purely because of their own issues & also due to Franklin Templeton debt funds issue.
  20. In the Month of March , when Crude fell 30% in a day our Markets opened 400 Points lower & Continued it's downtrend.
  21. This Month in Spite of crude going at Negative prices Nifty failed to break 8900. This should say more about the Market Behaviour & Sentiment.
  22. Unless there is no Incremental Negative News , we are in a Buy on Dips Market.
  23. The Range is slowly Expanding on the higher side.
  24. Markets Seem to be reacting very Mild on the Negative News but more on the Positive News Front.
  25. For Intraday , all the Dips closer to 9100-9150 should be bought & wait for the Markets to reward you on the higher side.
  26. Nifty Might Trade between 9150-9400 today.
  27. Related to Equity Front , Pharma , FMCS & Consumer Durables will continue to Outperform.
  28. Financials & IT will continue to Underperform. 


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