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Pre - Market Report (26th March 2020)

  1. Trump Announced 2Trillion$ STIMULUS / relief package on the wake of Corona Virus.
  2. This has been the biggest STIMULUS Package announced till date for U.S Markets.
  3. Dow closed 2% higher Yesterday.
  4. All the World Markets seem to be in a Pullback phase including our Markets.
  5. Remember the Primary Trend is towards the Short side. What we are Witnessing now it just Pullback / Counter Rallys.
  6. This Pullback may last for some time now.
  7. Unless there is more Incremental bad news related to Corona Virus front I expect the Markets to be Rangebound & Consolidate.
  8. Today is Weekly Options Expiry and also Monthly Expiry for March Series.
  9. Expecting the Markets to Stabilise a bit from now & also expecting the VIX to reduce Significantly.
  10. SGX Nifty Indicating a Minor 50-70 point cut to begin with.
  11. The Big STIMULUS Package which got announced Yesterday Triggered a sharp rally Yesterday in our Markets as well.
  12. So there are high Expectations from our Government as well to Announced a good Relief package for the relief of Economy.
  13. Today I am Expecting the Markets to be Choppy and Consolidating. 
  14. As there is an Expiry today & Premiums are quite high for both CE & PE expecting this could be a perfect day for Option Writers.
  15. So only for Intraday I will be doing only Option Writing today.
  16. Already have sold some far away Call Options 22000 & 23000 CE on Bank NIFTY& sitting on 90-95% Gains on them.
  17. For Option Buyers the advice would be to protect the Capital & even if you wanna take Positions it would be better not to trade on today's Expiry Options and trade on April Expiry Options as Premium decay won't be quick & time is in your Favour.
  18. It is also a good time to build Portfolio of FMCG , Consumption Stocks & Life Insurance stocks by deploying some Percentage of your Money.
  19. Nobody Knows when will we bottom Out & solve this problem so it is a good time to Accumulate stocks on every fall for Investors.
  20. Sold Axis Bank 600(Strike Price) April CE @7rs.
  21. IndusInd Bank 700(Strike Price) April CE @20rs.
  22. Views Expressed here are Personal & please refer to your Financial Advisor before entering a trade & Trade at your own risk.


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