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Pre - Market Report (13th March 2020)

  1. There is absolute panic everywhere.
  2. Bank Nifty fell more than 10%, Nifty fell close to 10% Yesterday
  3. US markets also fell 10% & hit lower Circuit Yesterday.
  4. Brazil fell 15% as their President tests positive for Corona Virus.
  5. Most Asian markets are down by 8 to 10%.
  6. SGX Nifty was also down close to 10%  but now recovered a bit from lows.
  7. Yesterday and today market phase is clearly "Capitulation" period & no effort by Govts or Central Banks is helping.
  8. Yesterday Europe fell just after ECB announcements.
  9. SGX Nifty fell just after RBI announcement of liquidity measures.
  10. Corona Virus headline news is getting worst, Canada's PM's wife and many other top people have been infected.
  11. No technical, No fundamental, nothing is working in this market currently.
  12. I think this is a great Opportunity to buy and one should deploy at least 40-50% cash at current levels.
  13. Do not worry where the Nifty or Sensex goes. Even if it goes down by 10% from current levels Quality companies Stock Prices would continue to rise. Remember you are Investing in Companies & not in Markets. You are Investing in Business and not in Stock Prices.
  14. Expect another volatile day today everyday is turning out to be more ridiculous than the other.
  15. S&P 500 VIX hit a high of 76, 2008 peak was 81. So we are almost at the highest stage of panic right now.
  16. So logically, markets should stabilise somewhere here.
  17. Advice for Traders is to Trade in small Volumes and not to perform any Adventures. 
  18. There have been many such Virus in the past & when you look back at History they all have been great buying Opportunities for an Investor. (Swine Flu , Ebola etc)
  19. Avoid listening to Media , their job is to sell their News & the only way they can Sell it is by Creating Panic. Be Rational, avoid listening to known news because it will just cause more panic in your Mind.
  20. A Few Months from now nobody would be speaking about Corona Virus , Remember this is just an Event. Temporary event with a Temporary Impact. There is nothing Parmanent about this.
  21. No levels today for any of Indices. When there is daily Movement of 800-1000 points on Indices there are no levels to look for & the same doesn't work
  22. This too Shall Pass:)


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